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Platform 7 is proud to offer coffee from Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland.  Stumptown Coffee Roasters sources the best coffees in the world and strives to maintain transparent, quality-based relationships with farmers along the way.  From plant to portafilter, Stumptown pays homage to these farmers through the fervent attention to detail at every step, the quality control in the cupping labs and meticulous roasting profiles.

Espresso Bar

Cold Bar

Brew Bar




Chai Latte

Caffe Macchiato


Con Panna

Hot Chocolate





Latte Macchiato


Cold Brew On Tap

Martini Style


Black & Tonic


Cold Brew Stubbies

Single Origin


Iced Single Origin Pour

Stumptown Milkshake

Iced Tea Pour Over

Iced Chai w/ Ice Cream



Hario V-60


French Press

Tasting Flight


Brew Flight



Platform 7 offers a delectable selection of dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and French-style baked goods and pastries baked locally by artisan bakeries. Try one of our scrumptious tailor-made sandwiches made in-house. We make our sandwiches daily using the finest ingredients and fresh daily-baked artisan breads.  


Platform 7 Coffee Brew Bar provides a unique coffee culture experience.

Platform 7 transforms you to a Victorian London train station in East Vancouver and a Belle-Époque Parisienne train station in Kits.  The journey imbues a sensual, passionate and vibrant joie de vivre to Vancouver’s specialty coffee scene.  Experience beautiful hand-crafted espresso drinks from our Espresso Bar, exquisitely brewed single origin coffees on the Brew Bar or refreshing cold brews from the Cold Bar.

We selected Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland, as our flagship coffee roaster. Dialing in the perfect profile on our manual La Marzocco Strada, gives the distinct pleasure of presenting the absolute best cup of espresso coffee drinks to our guests.

From a delectable selection of the finest locally-sourced artisan bakeries to our tailor-made sandwiches, the Platform 7 experience takes one on an exotic journey to taste exquisite single origin coffees from around the world. With their passionate love of coffee, caring customer connections and vibrant self expression, our staff provides a guiding and careful hand and takes great pride in presenting and serving our guests with unique and enticing brew techniques.

Sinatra to the Stones, Miles to the Mamas and Papas, Woodstock to Wynton, Bonobo to Beck, Dorsey to the Doors…you’ll find an ever-changing and eclectic selection of music simmering from the sound system above.

Come and experience for yourself the magic of Platform 7: East Vancouver at Hastings & Nanaimo and Kitsilano at Broadway & Vine.


Coffee memories as a child growing up in North Burnaby, B.C. with a wonderful blend of English, Irish and wee bit Scottish flavour in me blood, always revolved around family. I had the wonderful and fortunate blessings of vibrant and colourful grandparents, aunts & uncles and the influence of two loving parents.  Some of my earliest memories are of my dad and grandfather taking me to the Zenith Cafe near Hastings & Main in the early hours for a mug of coffee to brace the day.  Days filled watching my dad working in my grandfather’s butcher shop ‘The Ferry Meat Market’, supplying many of the fishing boats, tug boats and logging camps along BC’s coast.

My mom created one of my fondest teenage memories when she installed a coffee-grinder in our newly renovated home in the early 70’s. The fragrance of freshly ground coffee still remains to this day as the source & inspiration of my journey into coffee culture.

And off I went into the ever-adventurous journey of my young adult life looking after my dad’s hotel & bar business and my own businesses…long hours assisted with heavy-scented mugs of coffee.  And plenty of ’em. And I certainly can’t forget one of my favourite stories of all-time…when the mother of my son, Lynne and I encountered the enchanting experience of coffee in Bali. On a sea-side terrace sipping the most glorious cup of coffee we’d ever tasted.  

With great respect and love, a dove-tail into my dear friend Livio’s recollections. He & I built the East Van & Kits cafés. His coffee memories centered around family time and the kitchen table or business meetings, relationships and deals being hatched and agreed upon over a cup of coffee at a café. Livio is no longer at Platform 7  – but it is important for me to note that Livio & I shared some amazing adventures and experiences and it was our time spent together in a couple coffee shops on The Drive – that was the birthplace. It was there that the inspiration to do something in the coffee world was borne.  

To bring all of the memories and magic together…in a place that people would feel love & connection. To take the coffee culture that we had seen, smelt, tasted & felt and elevate it to our own unique level of experience. To bring a vintage European train station feel and create a room with a superlative design, and blend this with the best coffee roaster…Stumptown, the best espresso bar equipment, a fabulous collection of single origin brewing equipment and techniques, locally-sourced artisan baked goods, gourmet sandwiches made-house, the finest assembly of passionate, caring and engaging staff, an incredible vault of music simmering over the sound system.  And Platform 7 was built.

Experience Platform 7.

OUR LOCATIONS EAST VANCOUVER: 2331 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1V6 Phone: (604) 428-1455 Hours: 8 am – 5 pm, Open all Holidays except Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day Email: info(at)

KITSILANO:  2300 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2E5 Phone: (604) 620-2717  Hours: 7:30 am – 5:30 pm, Open all Holidays except Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years Day Email: info(at)